What to Ask a Care Facility Director of Operations

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If you have a loved one in an elder care facility, or you are searching for a facility for your loved one, you should try to speak with the Director of Operations. It is a good idea to speak to the Director before you make a final decision about a nursing home. Speaking with the Director of Operations, or someone who is in charge of the facility, can help you determine if the facility is the right fit for your loved one. On this page, I will talk more about the Director of Operations and making a decision about a home for your elderly loved one.

Why Speak with the Director of Operations?

Speaking with the staff members, nurses, or other residents can be helpful when visiting a nursing home, yet you can only get so much information from them about procedures at the facility. This is why it is a good idea to talk to someone who is in charge of the facility. They should be able to answer all of the questions that you have about the facility.

Questions to Ask

One question that you may want to ask the Director is what the visiting policy is. You will want to make sure that the visiting hours are not too restricted, and that they are generally pretty flexible. This is not only important because you want to see your loved one as much as you can, but it can also be a good deterrence for elder abuse. If you or others are regularly visiting the facility, staff will be more diligent, and you will be there more regularly to check up on things and make sure that your loved one is getting good care.

Another question you may want to consider asking the Director at the facility is what their complaint policy is. You will need to know exactly who to contact if issues arise, and what will be done about these issues. You can ask about how complaints are handled, and if there are people who will respond to complaints or issues in a timely manner. You may also want to ask what the complaint history is.

Be sure of what activities and services are available to the residents. Activities might include religious services, book clubs, bingo tournaments, cooking clubs, exercise classes, gardening, and more. Social services are extremely important for the well-being of the residents. Social services may include counseling, improved care, improved living conditions, and people to talk to in the event of neglect or abuse.

Lastly, you may want to ask the Director about staff training, continued education for the staff, screening processes, emergency evacuation plans, future improvement plans, in house treatment, and contracts with the facility. Having this information can put your mind at ease that the staff are properly trained and will take care of your loved one.

Getting Help

If you suspect that your family member or loved one is a victim of elder abuse or neglect, contact our office to find out what your options are. We are happy to help your family through this difficult time.

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