West River Health Care Center

West River Health Center


Phone Number:
(203) 876-5123

245 Orange Avenue, Milford, CT 06460

Types of Care:
Post Acute Rehabilitation Services, Long Term Care, Memory Care, Physical Therapy, Stroke Rehabilitation, Hospice Care

West River Health Care Center is an elderly care facility in Milford, Connecticut. This facility offers both short term and long term treatment options. If you live in the Milford area, you might consider West River as a solution for an elderly loved one who needs assistance. However, make sure that you have all of the information about this facility before making a decision. Learn everything that you need to know about this facility here.


While West River has many benefits, it is important to know that it did receive a violation in 2017. This violation was related to a patient who needed assistance with their food and water intake. Food intake was monitored, but water and fluid intake was not. This resulted in dehydration and further complications.

The statute violated was Section 19-13-D8t (m)(2)(c). The classification of the violation is Class B Section 19a-527-1 (b)(8). The home faced a civil penalty of $1,635 as well.

About the Home

West River Health Care Center offers 120 beds at their facility. They are located close to some of the leading hospitals in the area. They offer the following services:

Short Term Rehabilitation:

  • Occupational therapy.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Speech therapy.
  • Memory care.
  • Respite care.
  • Hospice care.
  • Cardiac care.
  • Stroke rehabilitation.
  • Pulmonary care and rehabilitation.
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation.
  • Wound care management.
  • IV therapy.
  • Palliative care.
  • General surgery rehabilitation and care.
  • Post trauma rehabilitation and care.

In patient short term rehabilitation is offered each day of the week. The care center has nurses, physicians, and rehabilitation therapists on staff to assist with patients. Every patient receives a personalized care plan to help with their treatment.

Long Term Care:

  • Rehabilitation options listed above.
  • Clinical programs helping with quality of life.
  • Spiritual services.
  • Long term occupational, physical, and speech therapy programs.
  • Activities calendar.

Clinical Team

The clinical team at West River Health Care Center includes:

  • Dietitians.
  • Certified nursing assistants.
  • Licensed nurses.
  • On site physicians. Physician services include wound clinicians, internal medicine, psychiatry, dentistry, podiatry, pharmacology, and dentistry.
  • Licensed physical therapists.
  • Licensed speech therapists.
  • Licensed occupational therapists.

In addition, there are social services available to patients and therapeutic recreation options are available every day of the week.

Choosing a Home

When you are choosing a facility for an elderly loved one, whether they need short term or long term care, it is important to get the full picture of the facility before making a decision.

A facility isn’t going to advertise a violation on their website. This is why it is important to conduct your own research. Ask around. Visit the home. And check out our website for the full picture on a care facility.

For more information on choosing a facility for an elderly loved one, contact our office. We are happy to help.


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