Finding the Right Nursing Home

If your family has decided that your elderly loved one will benefit from life in a nursing home, you know that the battle isn’t over. There are still many difficult decisions ahead of you. One of the best ways that you can prevent neglect or abuse in the nursing home is finding the right home for your loved one. Of course there is never any guarantee, but finding a safe home that checks the boxes in this article can help to prevent neglect and abuse issues. Here are some tips on how to find the right nursing home for your loved one.

Listen to People You Trust

If you have a friend, another family member, or a colleague who has gone through the process of choosing a nursing home, ask them about their experience. These people might be able to recommend good nursing home to you. In addition, they can divulge tips for choosing a home to help you with your process. The endorsement of someone that you trust can mean a lot. These people can also provide support as you go through an experience that they have been through themselves.

The Staff

Staff members of a nursing home are people that you need to get to know. They will have a lot of interaction with your loved one on a day to day basis. If abuse is going to happen, staff members are usually the ones who commit it.

First, you should consider the hiring process for a nursing home’s staff members. Is there a rigorous application and hiring process? Are all staff members qualified for their jobs? Make sure that the nursing home carefully picks all staff members – even people who are part of seemingly insignificant teams, such as members of the cleaning staff.

Then, consider how staff members interact with other staff members. If communication and morale between staff members is poor, it could negatively affect your loved one. Their care could suffer because the staff does not get along.

It is also important to note how staff members treat residents. Are they kind, compassionate, and lighthearted? Do they treat residents with respect? Do residents and staff members seem to have a good relationship?

You can answer most of these questions by visiting the home before making a final decision.

Your Loved One’s Needs

Enjoying the nursing home culture is definitely important, but you also want to make sure that the home is capable of caring for your loved one’s individual needs. Make sure that the nursing home has the facilities and resources to take care of any medical conditions that your loved one has. Chances are you’re looking into homes because you can no longer take care of a loved one on your own – make sure that the nursing home can.

Finding a Home

This is just a glimpse of some of the issues at play in choosing a nursing home. For a more detailed guide, you can order my book, The Connecticut Guide to Nursing Home Abuse. This book has the information to help you prevent and identify abuse. For more information, contact my office.

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